Whoa! Where has this week gone? It has flown on by.

I have been really busy this past week and have not been able to blog much. Last Sunday, I preached in big church for the very first time. It was a joy and an honor to be asked to fill the pulpit.

I spoke on Making War on your Sin and that God’s grace fuels the desire to kill sin.

My main passages were Romans 8:12-14; Luke 7:40-50; and Romans 6:1-4.

The response I received from people was overwhelming and extremely encouraging. Not because I am some amazing preacher; far from it! However, once we understand grace it can help eliminate anxiety.

The reason for this is because is because I have nothing to repay God. My performance does not impress God. I cannot walk up to God and say, “Look Jesus! I did ________ and ______ for you.” Yet, we often feel like we have to perform to impress our God.

Why do we feel this way? My observations and understanding is because we live in a culture that is all performance driven. I must get to work by 10:00am. I must sell and then I receive a commission. If I don’t talk to this person I may lose my account, etc.

We live in a performance culture. Many of us thrive performing!

Issue With Performance

When we say to God, “Look what I have done,” many of us want a pat on the back. A “good job” as if God was impressed with my actions. Let’s face it, I only do good by his grace anyway, so how can I boast and impress Him? I simply cannot.
However, when I say “Look God,” it is as God says, “Justin, I have already taken care of that for you. You do not have to earn my love. Jesus paid the penalty for your sins.”
A burden should be lifted because of God’s impressive grace!
Why obey? Once we understand grace (as much as we can), we want to be like the one who has given us grace. We long to be like Jesus!
While this is a brief, my message will be posted on the church website soon. As I am heading to Missouri to visit some friends this week, my blogging will be limited, but I will share a link to my message in A Warrior’s Arsenal.
-Justin Davito

Justin is a husband, father, and a writer. He is passionate about equipping parents, glorifying Jesus, and helping the local church. Justin currently resides in Michigan with his wife and two daughters.

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