My name is Justin Davito.

I am passionate about Jesus’ Church.

I am 27 years old. I have had a few jobs in my life; including being a Youth Director at a small church in IL, and being a Sales Consultant for a local Verizon Dealer. Both jobs brought their challenges and taught me valuable lessons. Currently, I am working as the Store Manager at Wireless Zone in Holland, MI.

I enjoy most sports, playing any kind of competitive game(s), spending time with my wife, and reading.

My beautiful wife is absolutely gorgeous and my standard of beauty. Christina is fun to be around. Serving her is a privilege and being spoiled by her is a blessing. She is a stay at home mom, where she focuses on taking care of our two daughters; Hannah and Evelyn.

I am passionate about equipping parents with the knowledge to make the proper decision for their family in regards to technology and apps/games your kids may be interested in.

The goal of my writing is to make much of Christ, and I hope this website serves as an encouragement to you through my theological posts, equipping parents, and many more.

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Here are my Favorite Blog Posts:

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When I Was On Trial

I awoke at my normal hour, but this was not like any other day. This was the day I would receive my Sentence. Guilt. Depression. Anxiety.

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Should a Husband Babysit His Kids?

Should a Husband Babysit His Kids? NO!

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Theology Matters

A practical post on how theology Impacted me during the delivery of my baby girl.

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