AdobeStock_82084738It is 2016. Who would have thought that the United States would be having a major divide over bathrooms? Yet, this is where we stand. Conservatives typically arguing to leave things how they are and the Liberals are at odds with the old-timers.

If this is your first time reading my blog, it may surprise you that a young dude like myself would say this, but I am an old-timer. I am a conservative. However, I do not believe combining the bathrooms together (or allowing whomever to use either the men’s or women’s facilities) would automatically mean the LGBTQ group would sexually abuse others.

What’s the Big Deal

1. It opens doors for sexual predators

I do not believe all Gays or Lesbians are sexual predators, same is true for Straights. However, sexual predators will capitalize on this.  If a man can identify as a woman for a day to use the facilities, what would stop him?

2. As it relates to Public Schools, Is this Wise

As I wrote here, since when does the Federal Government, State Government, and Schools (Government) think they know what is best for the students? Have we really gotten to the place where parents are okay with their rights violated?

If I had a son who went into the ladies locker room, I have the right to know. Here is the kicker, if my son did this, am I still not responsible for him? How can I truly parent my son when the Government wants to remove me from the equation? This is non-sense!

3. Rights Violated

People should have rights and freedoms. It appears that one group, namely the LGBTQ group, is getting their way. Religious liberties have been lost. People’s conscience tormented.

Why does the Federal Government get the right to choose what is best for everyone. What about the many men and women who are not comfortable with this?  Do these men and women not have the right?

4. Sexual Abuse

As Matt Walsh pointed out on Facebook, if anyone else required boys and girl to change clothes in front of one another, charges would be pressed (In reference to Schools and the locker rooms).

Guess what, if an adult allowed teens of the opposite gender to get naked in front of one other, charges would be filed.

So, why is it okay for the Government to do this?

5. Common Sense

If someone is born a dude, he is a dude. There are biological reasons he is a dude. The same is true of a woman.

Feelings are powerful tools, but they are just that, feelings. Since when do feelings interpret truth? Better yet, why are feelings dictating what is truth and serving as guidelines for laws to be set in motion?

Bringing This Home

AdobeStock_72557242This must be stopped. Parents, you have a strong voice in fighting this. Especially those who have children (ages 5-18) who attend a school where this change will be strongly implemented. Please use your powerful voice.

Knowing that God is fully in control is what can and should give us confidence, even when the culture is changing in ways that do not honor God. This should not surprise us. Very rarely does culture turn to God for the answers. However, we can rest fully assured that God’s plan is still in motion.

-Justin Davito


Justin is a husband, father, and a writer. He is passionate about equipping parents, glorifying Jesus, and helping the local church. Justin currently resides in Michigan with his wife and two daughters.

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