It is awesome being a Dad. And I have only been a dad for a day.  Hannah (my daughter) has changed my world.  Her entrance into planet earth was extremely emotional…

You see, my wife received a phone call from the doctor explaining that he thought she should get an Induction.  To her surprise, the doctor wanted us to come in just a few hours…  WHAT!?!  Whoa!
Christina (my wife) called me to explain the news. My heart skipped a beat.  Was I really ready for this? Worry struck me. 
Hours later, after I was spending time with some guys at bdubs (where else would we go?!?) and Christina was out to eat with her parents attempting to get Eggplant Parmesan (gross!)
Christina and I decided to agree with the doctor, Induction it was.
We arrived around 8:30 at the hospital with our bags and ready to go.  This was it.  (Insert Countdown Music)
Around 10pm the induction has started.  Sometime at some forbidden hour in the night, she received a second induction.
Around 6am, I awoke to Christina having more intense contractions.  I thought this was the time for me to get up and to start my job by encouraging my wife.  With advancement in technology, I attempted to update some family members as our adventure was unfolding.
This continued as I went down to get breakfast.  Upon my return, the doctor was in the room telling Christina that she was making great progress.  We thought it would not be too much longer.  But she was only about 2CM dilated and 90% effaced.
However, about 4 or so hours later Christina was stumped at 8CM.  Around this time, I put the updating others on hold as I needed to spend my time and attention being with my wife. Her contractions increased.  The doula we hired was also with us and we both were doing our best helping Christina, this included breathing with Christina as each contraction hit.
Many hours have gone by without updating. So everytime I used the restroom (which was not frequent), I would check my phone and respond to messages or text a very brief update.  Around 5pm, Christina’s water broke and the doctor said she should have the baby in an hour.  Guess what?
3 hours have gone by, no baby.  At this point, Christina is exhausted.  She has said a few times she didn’t think she could do it anymore.  At 8:30pm, she said for the second time, “I’m done.”   
Christina had no pain medication to relieve the pain.  This labor also has lasted over 14 hours at this point. The doula and I were encouraging Christina and making sure she was not just giving up and going to regret this.  
We discussed with the doctor our options (at this point, the doctor was impressed with how far Christina has come along in over an hour, but the following 30 minutes there was no improvement).
Christina was wiped.  Exhausted.  After discussing a few more options, we decided it was time for a C-Section.

I quickly ate a small snack and put on my scrubs. While Christina was signing waivers to her life (remind you, she is in pain.  Are these signatures reliable in court? I don’t think so!  Under distress!), I quickly drank some orange juice (I haven’t eaten a meal since breakfast).  
Christina and I were escorted to the Surgery.  I then was placed in “time out,” in a secluded room apart from Christina as they prepare her.  What am I suppose to do? So, I sat there in my scrubs and pulled out my phone. I sent a few text messages to update to the family.  This was the final contact from me as I entered in to see my precious bride.
Christina laying on the table with a blue curtain separating her face from her stomach.  I prayed with Christina as the procedure started. I peeked my head over the curtain a few times to see what was going on.
I peeked my head over at just the right time to see the doctor pull the baby’s head out.  It was gray as can be.  Similar to E.T. It did not register that this head was a human.  She (the baby) looked confused. 
The doctor pulled the rest of the baby out and I was able to announce to Christina we have a baby girl! Christina and I shared a few tears as our emotions were filled with joy. However, something didn’t seem right, but I tried not to show what my intuition was telling me.

“She’s not breathing”

“She’s not crying…”

Hannah was still a grayish color.  “Code White” was announced as the Hospital’s emergency workers swarmed in. My daughter had to be resuscitated.

During this, my wife is crying.  She asked me to pray as the doctors are focusing on stitching my wife up.  I was trying to pray, but how can I pray out loud at a time like this?  My emotions are all over the place.

What if I go home without a baby? What will my wife think? Will she be alright? How will I respond.  God you are still good, but please help our baby!

I do not remember the prayer I spoke with my wife, but it was utter dependence. It was a time in my life where I had no control over the outcome. If I tried to intervene, it would have done harm to the baby.

Shortly after the prayer was uttered, our baby started turning pink. Which was a good sign, however, she still was not breathing on her own. It took about 5 minutes until our baby girl breathed her first breath on her own.

I was able to go take a few pictures of Hannah while the nurses did whatever they were doing to monitor and clean Hannah up. Shortly after, I was able to hold her for the first time.  Oh, how precious that was. I was able to hold my beautiful daughter in my hands.  A few minutes later the nurse took my daughter from me and then brought her over to Christina to do a brief skin to skin contact.  It was beautiful!

Sadly, it did not last too long because of the complications, the hospital needed to run some tests to make sure the baby was alright.

Thankfully, the final test was run around lunchtime the following day, giving us the green light that Hannah is indeed healthy weighing in at 7LB and 7 Ounces.

I will never forget this day. This is the day everything flashed before my eyes. I entered fatherhood. For a brief moment, I thought it may have been taken away from me. The journey of parenthood now awaits…

-Justin Davito

(Hannah Grace Davito entered our world on 10/30/2015)

Justin is a husband, father, and a writer. He is passionate about equipping parents, glorifying Jesus, and helping the local church. Justin currently resides in Michigan with his wife and two daughters.

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