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How to Increase Church Visitors

Make Them Feel Very Welcomed Of course, this is accomplished through calling them out. Visitors love to be called out. Why not give them a round of applause for coming to your church? This will ensure they come back!   2. Include a Greeting Time During Your...

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How to Use Church Signs

Those who should not be in church marketing are often the pastors. Think about it. There are so many cheesy church signs, it's just embarrassing.  Yes, as a Christian we may laugh when we see certain signs, but at the same time we want to hide our faces. If you are...

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The Importance of Gospel-Centered Preaching

  Does your church preach the Gospel in every sermon? If your church does not point you to the Gospel in every sermon, it's time for a new church. If you walk away from the message feeling depressed due to your inability to meet God's standards your church has...

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Church Marketing

Is your Church’s website not getting enough web traffic? Does your website remain outdated? Do you often wonder how to use technology to engage with your congregation and community?

I get it. You are the pastor. Many things demand your attention. The website is the last thing on your mind. Let’s face it, most of what you are asked to do is not even in your job description.

My desire is to help churches be found on Google with the emphasis in Gospel-Centered Writing. I want to help you engage with your congregation/community through your church’s online presence.

My hope is that I will be a benefit to your church. The goal is to add value to the church. By removing the responsibility of the website off of the staff member, they can now focus on other areas on ministry. My job is to come alongside you and help you. Let me take this workload off of you. You won’t have to worry about the website, that’s my job.


How can I help? In 3 Primary ways…


Website Accountability

Website Accountability allows me to monitor your website. We want to make sure the website reflects your Church’s mission. The Website is people’s first impression of the church. The goal here is to build credibility for your church by making sure the website remains updated. No more having a slider that displays a Men’s Retreat…that took place two months ago!


I will write Blog Posts for your church. First, this is a great way to encourage your congregation with solid Gospel-Enriched content. Second, by having new content being posted regularly on your church’s website is a great way to engage with the community. To add to this, when Google finds new content, this tells Google your website is active–which will help your church to be found online.

Social Media Management

What better way to engage with the community than social media? Allowing me to be targeted in your church’s posts should increase awareness of who you are as a church. This will include, but not limited to, blog posts, encouraging thoughts, and Bible Verses. The goal is to have your church have a media footprint. My goal is to help reach your community online.