My Hero

Dear Dad,

This will be the first Father’s Day when I will not be able to see you. This is the first Father’s Day where I will not be close. Though, I am sure we will talk later today. Dad, I love you! I want to thank you for being my dad.

I remember playing Chess with you. I really remember the first time I beat you in Chess. Oh the joy I experienced! I remember our many games of basketball. I remember you coming to my basketball games cheering me on!

I remember your support and wisdom throughout the years (and still currently). I remember you caring about my heart when I sinned. I remember your feedback when I had the guts to talk to you about girls. I remember the love you show to my sisters and to my mom (you still do!). You are a great father!

There is no family that is perfect and no father that is, but you come pretty close. I have been wanting to write something to you for a while and just did not know when. I figured this is it.

From the way you love Mom, model repentance, lead the family, and work so hard–I want to be just like you!

Dad as a Groomsman in my wedding

I could not be more proud to carry on the Davito name. Dad, I am your legacy. I could not be more proud.

To think of all the “dad’s” out there, I got you! What grace God has given to me to bless me with you as my father.

Thank you for raising me well, for the discipline when I needed it, for listening to me, and for showing interest in my interests.

I could not trade you for a better Dad.

In short, I love you Dad!

Thank you for loving Mom and being a man so I know how to act like a man. Thank you for being the Spiritual Leader of your home!

I love you Dad!

I am your legacy,


Justin is a husband, father, and a writer. He is passionate about equipping parents, glorifying Jesus, and helping the local church. Justin currently resides in Michigan with his wife and two daughters.

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