Failure! I am yet to meet someone who enjoys failure. No one likes failure, yet we all experience failure in our lives.

Failure is when you do not do something you or someone else expects you to behave or perform.

As believers in Christ, what should our response be when we fail?

I remember a time in my life where I felt like I would take two steps towards holiness only to fall back 3 steps days later. Finally, I could take a step. BOOM! I’d fall back down again. Years of battling my flesh, I have made progress only by God’s grace.

Focus on Self

When we fail, we must get our focus off ourselves. Too often I would sin and my focus is on myself. What I mean is this, I sin and I say or think, “How could I do this,” “Not this again,” “I’m just a loser,” “I hate this,” “Why am I so stupid,” “I did it again.” Those are not always bad things to think through, but the main focus is usually on me. What I did. What I wish I could accomplish. What I need to do because I am a Christian.

When we fail, we can get back up because of what Christ has done. We fight sin to glorify Christ because of what Christ has done. He died on the cross for our sins. He died. 3 days later, he rose! He conquered death.  He paid the penalty for my failure (Romans 6:23). When I sin, there is hope in Jesus (1 Timothy 1:1).

Get Back UP

When we fail, we must get back up and ready to go another round with our flesh. The fight isn’t over. Do you want to hear some good news? I know who is going to win this fight in the end. It isn’t your flesh. It isn’t your struggle with pornography. It isn’t your struggle to think of yourself higher than others. It isn’t gossip. It isn’t slander. It isn’t __________ (you fill it in). It’s Jesus because he has already won (Romans 6:4).

While it is vitally important to keep pressing hard and fighting this fight (1 Timothy 1:18), remember that God is like our good and perfect Father. He see’s us fighting…and failing. I have failed miserably. But, he see’s us fighting. Just as a good earthly father will not spank his child for falling down while he learns to walk, God looks down and says, “Come on Justin, you can do this. I have already won. You can beat this. I love you!”

  • Do you see God as your helper in the midst of temptation or as someone who has a list of rules for you to follow?
  • Do you view God as your Father who loves you and wants to help you be like Him full of joy?
  • How do you cling to Jesus in the midst of failure?
-Justin Davito

Justin is a husband, father, and a writer. He is passionate about equipping parents, glorifying Jesus, and helping the local church. Justin currently resides in Michigan with his wife and two daughters.

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