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Up for grabs is a copy of Nefarious: Merchant of Souls. This is an excellent documentary on Human Trafficking/Sex Slavery. It will make you sad but open your eyes to what is happening world wide.

I have one copy available. So, how do you enter?

How To Enter

Easy! All you need is a Twitter account. All you need to do is tweet one of these tweets:
  • Check out @JustinDavito on Human Trafficking and Youth Ministers! #sexslavery
  • @JustinDavito on Human Trafficking and Pornography: #sexslavery
  • @JustinDavito on reaching John’s and Pimps: #Sexslavery
  • Check out @JustinDavito on Human Trafficking. How YOU can get involved! #sexslavery
  • @JustinDavito is giving away a FREE copy of Nefarious DVD. Check it out here: #SexSlavery
You may change the wording if you would like, but please make sure to share a link to one of my posts on Human Trafficking and tag me in it (this is how I know who will be entered into the drawing). This drawing will last for 3 weeks. The drawing will close Sunday, September 27th, 2014 at 10pm Central.
*Because of the nature of the documentary, please be 18 years or older. They show the Red Light District among other things, which is questionable for younger viewers. 

Can I Show This to a Church

As stated above, I will have caution for the younger audience and for the single guy/girl who is experiencing a lot of hormones. While this is a good documentary, they show some girls in the Red Light District while they are not wearing much.
The documentary is great, but would caution against a Church event.
Here is my brief post after watching this documentary.

Other Posts on Human Trafficking

If you have any questions, let me know.

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