Another organization post??? You got it. I was debating on what aspect of getting organized I should post on today. Should I focus on Google Drive? I spent a few posts on Google Drive (if you do have questions, leave me a question in the comments), so today I want to explain how knowing your roles can help you be very productive in your life and in any possible ministry.

What roles am I talking about? How does one get a role?

Your Roles

With life comes roles. I am a husband to my wife. I am a son to my mother and father. I was blessed with four beautiful sisters (this makes me a brother). That is not all of my roles. Earlier this year, Village Bible Church asked me to come serve as their youth pastor. Quite a few years ago God saved me from my sins. I also work in retail sales.
These are just a few examples. How do these help me be productive? Well, let me tell you.
These are a few of my roles. This helps me think through tasks or things I would simply like to get done in the near future. Or maybe they are things that I need to get done. Regardless, I can see my different roles in life and think through how I can achieve my goal.
This may seem silly to some or over the top, but I really think this helps me. Especially if you review every week,
Each week when I empty my head and assign tasks, I look at my roles and assign tasks to each one. So if I look at “brother,” I will ask myself, what should I do this week? Or I may ask myself how I can be a friend this week?
Again, this may seem over the top, but this will help you be organized and plan your life according to your roles that you have in your life. This will also limit accidentally forgetting someone or forgetting a role.

Final Comments

Being organized helps me manage my time instead of my time managing me. I am less stressed when I do not have to remember everything. I assign tasks in my phone (which syncs with google). Understanding my roles has helped me plan my tasks effectively. I hope it serves you as well.

Justin is a husband, father, and a writer. He is passionate about equipping parents, glorifying Jesus, and helping the local church. Justin currently resides in Michigan with his wife and two daughters.

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