Journaling is a discipline that has been very hard for me to maintain. I may even go weeks to months doing it well, but then after a couple days of not journaling, poof. The discipline vanishes. It is like a magic trick without the final reveal, except you aren’t left anticipating anything. Your discipline is over.

This is to say that journaling is hard. It takes work. So, what is this Journaling ESV Bible all about?

I picked up the Journaling Bible while working for a local bookstore.  The picture to your left shows my copy with a silver plate with my name imprinted on it.  However,
you can pick up different colors of the Journaling Bible if you do not want solid black.  Regardless, you have options if you have a preference on what the Bible looks like.

That said, this Journaling Bible has extra wide lines margins so you can write notes in it…

The Margins

20160209_190704Yes, this is what makes the ESV Journaling Bible so special.  The extra wide lines margins.  Some may glean over it and think this is not really worth it. I ask you to give it a chance.
Some of you may instantly love this idea.
I fell in love with this Bible. Like I hinted at earlier, there is nothing fancy about the Bible.  The Bible’s pages aren’t even coated in silver or gold.  Just plain white.

I really liked the plainness of the Bible and then used the side margins to make little commentaries or questions, or even write out a quick prayer to God.   I honestly wish every Bible had extra wide margins to make notes.

Final Comments

20160209_190728This Bible is one I would love to give away as a gift and even use personally. My biggest complaint is how small the lines are in the margin. I have awful handwriting and writing so small can be difficult.  Yet, I desire lines so my writing is more easily organized.
However, I wish the Bible was maybe slightly longer to allow bigger words, but that is neither here nor there.  Just a preference issue and everyone writes differently.
If you want a Bible that encourages you to write in it, look no further. Writing in my Bible has helped me retain what I read earlier in the morning.  So often I would think later in the day, What did I read this morning? This was a way to help me be more engaged in my reading and I love the fact that I can flip through later and see what I wrote in the past.
-Justin Davito



Justin is a husband, father, and a writer. He is passionate about equipping parents, glorifying Jesus, and helping the local church. Justin currently resides in Michigan with his wife and two daughters.

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