It seems you either love or hate Once Upon a Time. Once Upon a Time is ABC’s TV show about fairy tale characters, but they all have their own spin to the originals.

You have Snow White, who falls in love with Prince Charming and they have true love, etc.

Of course, what successful TV show would be worth watching if there was not some kind of evil mixed in.

This would be Regina, the evil queen. Long story short, she is the main evil character. Yet, because of her adopted son, she is trying to change from evil to good. It is a struggle for her and we witness her fight this temptation (sometimes win and sometimes not).

What Does This have to do with the Gospel

This season in particular (only two episodes so far), a lot of people do not like it. Not because it is an uninteresting story. Not because it is not entertaining. Not because of bad acting. It is well done.
What it seems to me, is that a lot of people do not like it because Regina (evil queen) is turning evil again. Last season, she was for the most part, good. Here is the thing, the people she used to torment forgave her. They actually started to love her.
Wow. What a concept. Forgiveness.
Yet, in our world and in our culture, forgiveness is scarce. People do not offer forgiveness hardly at all. Yet, our culture likes or loves the idea of forgiveness. Or at least when the idea does not affect them directly. Movies, books, and shows give us hope when true forgiveness is granted. Yet, in real life, many do not like to grant it.

What am I Getting At

What am I getting at? Simply put, our culture desires the truth of the Gospel. They want this hope. However, they either think the hope of forgiveness is fake or just wish it could happen on TV.
To me, there seems to be a double standard. I think they want this forgiveness and this hope yet don’t believe people can change or that the hope is possible. Besides, our culture is not very forgiving. If the culture is not very forgiving, then that makes the possibility of hope of forgiveness a lot harder, right?
Yet, people are drawn to this kind of hope. And this hope is found in the Gospel of Jesus! If you are a Christian, you have experienced this kind of hope!
This is a reason to rejoice because God has declared us debt free!

Justin is a husband, father, and a writer. He is passionate about equipping parents, glorifying Jesus, and helping the local church. Justin currently resides in Michigan with his wife and two daughters.

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