walkwayoverwaterYeah, that’s right. You read the title correctly! Prove it!

What do I mean, prove it? The uprising generation has a wealth of knowledge. Or at least accessible to an abundance of knowledge. You can pretty much google anything you want. The internet is a wealth of information both for good and for the ugly.

The younger generation has grown up and taught to think critically. You can easily see that when the elderly go to the doctor. The elderly often listens to the healthcare professional. Do the younger generation? They may, but often times they do research before and after. They need to be shown and proven.

Teenagers and young adults won’t just accept truth, they need to be shown that it is actually truth. So pastor, when you preach, show them!

 Prove It

Is he texting? Or is he verifying what the pastor said?

Is he texting? Or is he verifying what the pastor said?

How can a pastor prove a truth? Isn’t belief involved? How do you manufacture belief? Yes, belief is involved and that is something only God can do and I am not suggesting us to pretend to be God.  Let me explain how to prove truth.


1. When you make a claim, back it up.
Use Scripture. If I said Jesus was raised on the third day, I need to show you in Scripture. A pastor’s words are meaningless unless there is proof of what he says is actually true. I had to do this in High School when I was writing a paper, pastors need to do this as well.


2. Explain Scripture
A local congregation should be keeping their pastor accountable by what he teaches. This makes it a lot harder if there is no time explaining Scripture. So read Scripture and explain it. Use analogies that everyone can relate to. Not everyone has a child and cannot always relate to parenting examples.


3. Read Scripture

I wish I did not have to include this one, but I can’t assume anymore. Is your congregation opening their Bibles. Or are we just listening to a person talk and taking what they say as truth? Take us through studying Scripture.


This is Not a Burden

You must prove your claims. Don’t think of this as a burden, but a way for your church to dig deeper in their own Bibles.  The younger generation are critical thinkers. Use that to your advantage.  This can be a unique opportunity to disciple your church.
Thank you for all the pastors who do prove your claims! It means a lot to us young people!

Justin is a husband, father, and a writer. He is passionate about equipping parents, glorifying Jesus, and helping the local church. Justin currently resides in Michigan with his wife and two daughters.

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