pp1As I sit here early in the morning, I am devastated at the news about the head of Center for Medical Progress being indicted on 2 felony charges. Puzzled, really. Someone who exposed the wrong doing (or at the minimum, revealed to the public what takes place behind closed doors at Planned Parenthood) faces criminal charges.

Center for Medical Progress

In 2015, Center for Medical Progress, led by David Daleiden, placed themselves undercover to expose the truth and crimes of Planned Parenthood. The videos are pretty evident that Planned Parenthood sells aborted babies for research. Top Planned Parenthood executives have confessed to having the aborted babies killed in certain ways to preserve different organs to sell, which their buyers have confessed to making it financially profitable for Planned Parenthood.
Daleiden says what they did was investigative journalism.  He says no crimes were committed. Yet, he is facing a felony charge.

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood claimed that the videos that Center for Medical Progress created were highly edited. Yet, CMP (Center for Medical Progress) released full un-edited versions to counter the claim. Planned Parenthood then filed a lawsuit against CMP.
Even though it appears pretty evident to me that Planned Parenthood broke several laws, the Grand Jury is not indicting them (though, state investigations are still in progress).

Human Sex Trafficking

How does this relate to Human Sex Trafficking? Let’s pretend I am aware of a lady being bound to a bed and being used by her Pimp to have sex with many “Johns” (A term used to refer to the men who purchase the sex). I am aware of this lady being tormented against her will.

I have to do something. There are some people who may decide to go undercover as CMP did to reveal the truth and then turn the evidence into the authorities.  Of course, there could be other options as well.
However, let’s pretend I decide to go that route. I set-up a meeting with the Pimp who sells this lady. I offer to purchase sex. We agree to whatever terms. This happens all while I am wired (Which should give reason that I do not have the intent of actually purchasing sex).
I then turn in this information to the authorities so they can have evidence to rescue this lady and prosecute the Pimp.  Yet, what happens in turn? I got accused of purchasing sex when the intent was to reveal the truth.
While I now have to go through the legal ramifications of wanting to rescue someone involved in sex trafficking, while the Pimp is still profiting from someone in bondage.

How it all Fits

pp5In the analogy above, this is what just happened.  The Grand Jury indicted someone who pretended to be someone else in his investigative journalism. He had no intent of actually buying an aborted baby. Daleiden offered to see if Planned Parenthood would actually sell one to him. Regardless, Planned Parenthood is still the one who sells for profit and aborts babies to make a profit by being extra careful in the abortion process so they can sell certain body parts of dead babies.
Two actors for CMP are now being indicted, while Planned Parenthood is not.
This is Ridiculous.
This is not Justice. Justice does not exists anymore. Even a member of the Prosecuting Attorney has very deep connections with Planned Parenthood.  It is all an agenda. There is no Justice anymore.

Was it Right for CMP

pp6I have seen many evangelicals claim it was wrong and sinful for CMP to do what they did. They say this because they lied about who they were. CMP claimed they were a biotech company, fake ID’s, etc.
Again, would it be wrong for someone to rescue someone else if they were being abused?
Rahab, in the Bible, lies to rescue the spies. Some may argue that God still did not like her to lie, yet He did bless her and no explicit text seems to accuse her of sin. She lied to save a life.
It appears to me that Rahab lied to save a life and it was acceptable in God’s eyes.
CMP did an undercover operation to expose truth and in hopes of saving many lives.
-Justin Davito
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Justin is a husband, father, and a writer. He is passionate about equipping parents, glorifying Jesus, and helping the local church. Justin currently resides in Michigan with his wife and two daughters.

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