The Painter’s Perspective
Our lives are palettes that are to be seen
With colors placed on them- red, yellow, and green
The colors are nicely put on display
Not one of them touching- perfect are they
We look around at each individual life
And see whether their palette is clean or a fright
If the colors are mixed all together it seems
that their life is a mess and should be redeemed
We cast down our judgment and say to the wrecks
“Your life isn’t perfect- clean up your palette.”
Little do we see the picture that’s here
when the mixing of paints on a canvas appear
Sometimes we judge people’s lives from their paint
If they’re all used and messy or tidy and quaint
When it’s clean, that life gets a pat on the back
When it’s messy, that life gets condemned or attacked
But what was the fruit from the palette so clean?
Is it not from the mess that a painting is seen?
If God is our artist, He’ll mix all our paints
People will see it and give their complaints
They say our life is a mess to be mend
But we know how we will look in the end
The one’s with the picture will get their reward
while the one’s with no display will be ignored
In this life we see only the palette with paints
We’ve grown to see messes as the mixture of paint
But God gives us light, for now we see
that the mixing of paints means the work of the King
Don’t be ashamed if your life is a mess
it’s the only way God will reveal you as blessed
And although many say you are worthless and vain
God gives you faith to ease up the pain
Know that your paint is becoming a picture
In the end those who mocked will wish for a mixture
Don’t be discouraged- don’t be dismayed
One day you’ll see the beauty from your pain
Cassie blogs at Write with a Purpose. She currently is a student at Cornerstone Univeristy where she is a math genius (in my humble opinion). Make sure to check out her blog!
-Justin Davito

Justin is a husband, father, and a writer. He is passionate about equipping parents, glorifying Jesus, and helping the local church. Justin currently resides in Michigan with his wife and two daughters.

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