adobestock_121948776Our culture is very phone focused. The iPhone 7 was just announced and many consumers are jealous. Maybe that is not the right word, but many are no longer content with their device. I’m not immune, either.

It is not just the phones, it is also the need to remain connected with others. Isn’t this what all social media focuses on? That is, remaining connected with others. It is not just social media, texting is another way to be connected with others. When you send a text, do you expect others to respond swiftly?

I attempted to remain in control by putting my phone to bed.


Post Challenge Thoughts

Paper FamilyMy intention in the challenge was to determine if I was in control of my phone. The goal was to focus my energy elsewhere-primarily on my family.

The first few days were the easiest. My phone went to bed right when I got home. Honestly, overall I enjoyed it.

But then…

Life happened.

Christina (my wife) left the house one evening to attend a ladies night at church.  A few other times I helped Christina’s parents work on their new condo. Sadly, I failed and gave into Netflix a few times.

All in all, the challenge did not go as well as I had hoped…


What I Learned

ResistanceA lot of young kids have a security blanket, right? Is a smart phone my security blanket? Most often, I allowed my phone to stay up too late. While it seems like I “failed” the challenge, it revealed to me a heart issue-wasn’t this the goal?  I crave my phone. I like to be connected, I need to be connected. This is a problem.

The challenge revealed to me that I, more often than not, am controlled by my phone. This proved the challenge a success.

However, now I must continue to fight to remain in control of my phone and not be controlled.

What practical ways do you resist being controlled by your phone or digital device(s)?


Justin is a husband, father, and a writer. He is passionate about equipping parents, glorifying Jesus, and helping the local church. Justin currently resides in Michigan with his wife and two daughters.

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