KnightA Warrior’s Arsenal consists of different articles across the web that I think would serve as an encouragement or a challenge to you, as it did to me. I try to keep it short and sweet.

The original name of this blog was Redeemed Warrior. The reason for this is due to the fact that Christians are in a battle against their own sinful desires. Yet, we have been redeemed by Christ. To continue the roots, A Warrior’s Arsenal is to help equip all of us in the fight (Romans 8:13).


A Warrior’s Arsenal

  • Lay Aside the Weight of Moodiness: If I can be real here, this was helpful to me. Sometimes my mood can change (which I hate). An excellent article on mood changes, points out the good of a mood, but the need to fight for joy! I never thought of a mood as a gauge before!
  • Feelings Are Real, But Are They Always the Truth?: Another excellent post that goes along with the first one. Feelings are real, but don’t base truth on a feeling. Look to Scripture!
  • 25 Ways To Pursue Joy In Christ: Very helpful!
  • Hide Not Your Face: God will not hide his face from you. He is proud to have saved you, me, and anyone else-Despite our shortcoming and struggle with sin.


Kindle Deals

  • Gospel Primer ($7.99): This costs a bit more than I usually like to recommend. However, this is a great book for you to read. I beg you to read it. Do you struggle with guilt, shame, or condemnation? If so, pick this up!
  • Future Grace ($9.99): It looks like I am recommending more expensive books in this month’s edition, but this is a book I am currently reading. I believe I read an older edition a while back, but this is good. A great resource in killing sin and seeing the glorious of Jesus. This is an expanded edition of Battling Unbelief.
  • Sovereignty of God ($0.99): I read this book a while ago, but if you want to understand how God is in control of all things, pick it up. For under a dollar, can you really go wrong?
  • Note to Self ($8.69): I have not read this one myself, but I am confident I can recommend it. It can be a resource that goes hand and hand with the Gospel Primer. This is a book I would like to read in the future!


My hope is that some of these posts were either encouraging or challenging to you. Maybe one of these books will serve you in seeing the beauty of Christ and the darkness of your sin.

What book have you been reading lately? Have you read a recent article that has encouraged you?

Feel free to let me know by submitting it through the contact page.


Justin is a husband, father, and a writer. He is passionate about equipping parents, glorifying Jesus, and helping the local church. Justin currently resides in Michigan with his wife and two daughters.

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