What is love? Our world is so confused what love really is. Almost two weeks ago I wrote saying Love is Patience. Today I want to look at love being kind (1 Corinthians 13).

Most people would probably agree that being kind is showing a kind of love. Because we all feel like mean people aren’t loving. So, there really isn’t any kind of debate there. However, what does kindness actually look like?

Kindness for the Single Guy (or Girl)

Everyone has someone they should be showing love or kindness to. It does not matter if it is someone at church, work, or family. There is always that one person who gets up under your skin. They may not even mean to do so, but they do. Your fleshly desires just want to smack them. It would feel so good for a split second.

But that is not kind, is it?
Often times being kind is not fun.  So, how can you be kind to your siblings? Your boss who you don’t get along with? What about coworkers? People who you do church with?
How can you be kind even when it is not easy? This is love…

Kindness for the Married Couple

I would like to echo what was said in the section above. However, for the married couple they live with a person which brings its own unique challenges. Why is it he/she annoys me so badly today? He left his clothes out again? Why isn’t dinner ready yet? Why is she always on the phone? Why is he playing games again?
I am sure you can fill in your own example. However, how can we show love to our spouse by being kind?

Even when it hurts us. Or how can I show kindness to my spouse when they hurt me?

Just because I was hurt does not give me the freedom to hurt back. This is non-sense and God calls us to be kind.

Look to Jesus

Out of all the wrong I have done, I have sinned against Jesus. I was not kind. I took his sacrifice for granted. Yet, Jesus is so kind to me. He is selfless even when I deserve wrath. Jesus is kind. He did not have to die, but chose to. What love is this?
Perfect love and He is the perfect example!

Justin is a husband, father, and a writer. He is passionate about equipping parents, glorifying Jesus, and helping the local church. Justin currently resides in Michigan with his wife and two daughters.

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