I have been writing a lot about the Church and the younger generation. This post is essentially a follow up to Making Your Church Teenager Friendly.

Before I continue, I must reinstate I am in no way suggesting making a local church only about one generation. This would not be good. Nor am I suggesting compromising on doctrine.

What I am suggesting is a different approach to the way we do Church and make it youth friendly.

In my post linked above, Steve D, asked what the teens desired in preaching. Here you go SteveD…


There have been different ideas if we should continue preaching in the church. Should it be discussion oriented instead? Or should it be something different altogether?
A few weeks ago I asked some teens what they would look for in a church once they are on their own. When we got to the topic of preaching, they were all for preaching. However, many people have different definitions of preaching.


Biblically Sound was one of the phrases that was said. Is it biblical? Is it correct doctrine? Is this what the Bible actually teaches?


Engaging was the second thing they said. This will lead to a follow up question; what is engaging? What the teens meant was an engaging service using technology and videos. Not cheesy videos, but well done videos that are cool and promote Jesus. While the person is preaching, for him to get “riled up” and passionate about what he teaches. Not a self help sermon, but passionate about who Jesus is and what He has done.


Media was the final thing mentioned. This goes hand and hand with engaging. If your church desires to appeal to and include teens, using the common grace (technology can be used for good) of media to minister to them is a major step in the right direction.  Even ask them what they would like to see and then include what they suggest.  Unlike older generations, teens have grown-up with technology in their everyday lives and this can open up many opportunities for them to serve within the church as well.


Point to Jesus

Are your sermons more man centered or Christ centered? Are they a history lesson or do they magnify Christ’s name? Are they to get us to do good works or are they focused on the work Jesus has already done? Does your sermon focus on what I have to do or focus on the grace of Jesus?


Are your sermons pointing me to Jesus and is the Spirit sanctifying me?


I will be posting a few follow-ups to this. For now, I am eager to hear your thoughts.


Justin is a husband, father, and a writer. He is passionate about equipping parents, glorifying Jesus, and helping the local church. Justin currently resides in Michigan with his wife and two daughters.

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