The words Court House outside the Supreme CourtI awoke at my normal hour, but this was not like any other day. This was the day I would receive my Sentence. I hopped into the shower to start my day. Warm water trickled down my body as I stood in the shower thinking.

My life will never be the same.

10 minutes went by, I then decided it is time to shave and to finish washing my hair. The water started to turn cold, which was my signal to get out. I put on my suit in hopes of a lightened sentence. Could it be possible for life in prison with parole?

I sure hope so, I thought.

As I approached the courtroom, legs shaking, I confessed once again to my crime. My confession incriminated me in Treason…

The Judge

The Judge’s hammer hit the gavel. “Order in the Court.” Silence. Seconds went by, which begins to feel like minutes. Sweat formed on my forehead as I awaited what will happen to me.

The Judge began to speak, “Justin Davito, we have heard your confession. However, I find you NOT GUILTYYou are free to go.”

The joy that came over me was unreal. Joy and confusion entered my brain. The evidence against me was enough to convict me. My own confession should have led me to prison. I chose not to use the 5th amendment. I incriminated myself. How is this possible? I should not have walked scot-free!

“You are free to go and all charges are dropped,” said the Judge.

I walked out of the courtroom with the biggest grin on my face…

The Next Day

AdobeStock_61323962I awoke the next morning feeling guilty. Did they really understand? Maybe the Judge made a mistake? I needed to be sure, so I marched down to the Courthouse. The Judge assured me all was well and that my crime had been forgiven, I simply did not understand but rejoiced again!

This repeated day after day. The verdict just did not make sense to me. Everyday the Judge assured me all was well and that I am 100% clean and clear!

I wanted to make it up to him, but couldn’t.

Bringing This Home

AdobeStock_79253140What I am describing above sounds ludicrous, right? A criminal going back to the Judge after being cleared. Yet, this describes me.

I often feel the need to go back to God (the Judge). I feel guilt, sometimes even false guilt, or guilt of my past. I forget that Jesus paid for my sins in full. Jesus took my guilt! I want to feel good about myself and by doing so I lose sight of the Gospel.

God has declared me completely innocent because of Christ’s death on the Cross. My sins have been completely wiped off my record. I am free!

In order to fight against the accusations that taunt me, I have learned (and continue to do so) to preach this Truth to myself everyday.



Justin is a husband, father, and a writer. He is passionate about equipping parents, glorifying Jesus, and helping the local church. Justin currently resides in Michigan with his wife and two daughters.

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